The Mission of the New York Women’s Baseball Association (NYWBA)

NYWBA Quicksilver

To provide baseball instruction and competition for women and girls of all experience levels and thereby providing opportunities for learning how to achieve life goals through teamwork and development of self-confidence. The NYWBA is also committed to promoting women’s and girl’s baseball through charitable and educational community involvement.

The New York Women’s Baseball Association was developed for women and girls to appreciate our nation’s pastime first hand. Women’s interest in baseball dates back to the game’s inception and remains prevalent today. Women’s participation in baseball as spectators, sportswriters, historians, umpires, coaches and players themselves is growing. In 1998 more than 21 million women and girls played baseball. Today, women and girls make up nearly half of the crowd at a professional baseball game.

Our programs provide women and girls with opportunities to experience connection, competence and confidence, and learn valuable life skills such as teamwork, responsibility and communication. We work with more than 100 participants per year in clinics and programs that serve the New York metropolitan area.

Goals and Objectives

NYWBA Rockers
  • Provide monthly clinics in conjunction with schools, colleges and other non-profits that target girls and women.
  • Provide Summer League for Instructional and Demonstration Levels.
  • Establish the Bluebirds Baseball League by partnering with local organizations for girls 9-17.
  • Raise awareness of women playing baseball through website promotion, quarterly newsletter and demonstration team events.
  • Provide strength and conditioning program for all NYWBA participants.